• Theme

In recent years, there has been a surge of research in the interfaces between signal processing, machine learning, mathematical optimization, statistics, information theory, data mining, and wireless communication, leading to new powerful signal and information processing techniques as well as efficient and intelligent learning algorithms for important applications. The Interdisciplinary interplay has been greatly beneficial for the science problems resolution and technology development, while nowadays, in-depth interdisciplinary research is imperative with emergences of new science problems and technology demands. The goal of this workshop isto feature recent advances in the field and highlight emerging challenges and applications, and promote interdisciplinary exchanges and integration. The workshop will bring together leading researchers in signal processing, communications and optimization from academia, industry and government, and will showcase recent new results on algorithmic methods and complexity analysis in diverse areas such as estimation and detection theory, machine learning, interference management, image/speech processing, sparse signal processing, array processing, communication systems and networks, and so on.

The SIILP workshop will be organized in the style of science and technology lectures. Certainly, ample time for interactions between speakers and local participants will be provided during and after lectures.


  • 111 Base for Radar Cognitive Detection, Imaging and Target Recognition
  • The National Laboratory of Radar Signal Processing
  • Office of International Cooperation & Exchange
  • Collaborative Innovation Center of Information Sensing and Understanding
  • Shaanxi Association for Science and Technology
  • The Electronics Institute of Shaanxi Province
  • Young Scientists Club of Chinese Institute of Electronics


TPC Co-Chairs:Hongwei Liu and Bo Chen,

Local Arrangement Chair: Junkun Yan, Jibin Zheng, Qing Xu, Ronggang Cheng, Hui Ma, Shenghua Zhou.