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In recent years, there has been a surge of research in the interfaces between signal processing, machine learning, mathematical optimization, statistics, and multi-source information fusion, leading to new powerful signal and information processing techniques as well as efficient and intelligent algorithms for important applications. The interdisciplinary interplay has been greatly beneficial for scientific problem resolution and technology development, while nowadays, in-depth interdisciplinary research is imperative with emergences of new science problems and technology demands. The goal of this symposium is to feature recent advances in the field and highlight emerging challenges and applications, and promote interdisciplinary exchanges and integration. The theme of the conference is data acquisition, information fusion, element extraction and intelligent cognition of multi-source sensors. The conference is intended to invite well-known experts and scholars in the fields of mathematical theory and application, signal and information processing, artificial intelligence, etc. We will communicate through reports and open discussions. The aim is to become a communication platform for researchers in related fields in China to understand the latest achievements and cutting-edge technology, face-to-face communication with master experts.

No registration is required. You are welcome to attend the symposium.无需注册,欢迎直接参会。

Graph signal processing: fundamentals and distributed algorithms

Junzheng JIANG
Guilin University of Electronic Technology

Area Coverage and Target Tracking for Mobile sensor networks

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China


  • The organizers of this symposium are International Cooperation Base of Integrated Electronic Information System of Ministry of Science and Technology, School of Electronic Engineering
  • School of Electronic Engineering
  • Division of International Cooperation and Exchanges, Institution of Electronic Engineering,and Human Resources Office.


TPC Co-Chairs:Guisheng LIAO, Qingfu ZHANG,Shidong LI

Local Arrangement Chair:Jun LI, Cao ZENG, Jing LIU.