The 11th International Conference on Green, Pervasive and Cloud Computing

May 6-8, 2016, Xi'an, China

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May 5, 2016
May 6, 2016
Opening remarks
Keynote 1 (Chair: Hai Jin)
Research Situation and Challenges in RFID Systems
Keqiu Li, Dalian University of Technology, China
Coffee Break
Keynote 2 (Chair: Kuan-Ching Li)
Emerging Challenges in Anomaly Detection: How to Deal with Recent Security Threats
Aniello Castiglione, University of Salerno, Italy
Session 1: Monitoring, Control and Management of Energy-aware Systems (Chair: Jin Li)
11:20-11:40Optimizing I/O Intensive Domain Handling in Xen Hypervisor for Consolidated Server Environments
Venkataramanan Venkatesh and Amiya Nayak
11:40-12:00Heterogeneous Computation Migration on LLVM
Tyng-Yeu Liang and Yu-Jie Lin
12:00-12:20Saving Controlling with Acquaintance Immunization Strategy based on Wavelet Traffic Prediction
Jing Tian and Dongyan Zhao
Keynote 3 (Chair: Xinyi Huang)
Security Architecture and Key Techniques for 5G Networks
Hui Li, Xidian University, China
Session 2: Privacy-preserving Computing Paradigm (Chair: Tyng-Yeu Liang)
15:30-15:50Preserving User Location Privacy for Location-based Service
Xiaojuan Chen and Yi Mu
15:50-16:10An Efficient Symmetric Searchable Encryption Scheme for Dynamic Dataset in Cloud Computing Paradigms
Minghao Zhao, Han Jiang, Qiuliang Xu, Zhen Li and Hao Wang
16:10-16:30Outsourcing privacy-preserving ID3 decision tree over horizontal partitioned data for multiple parties
Ye Li, Zoe L. Jiang, Xuan Wang, Zechao Liu, Meng Liu, Yabin Jin, S.M. Yiu and Lucas C.K. Hui
Coffee Break
Session 3: Cloud Computing and Applications (Chair: Christian Carmine Esposito)
16:50-17:10An Efficient Dynamic Provable Data Possession Scheme in Cloud Storage
Ge Yao, Yong Li, Linan Lei, Huaqun Wang and Changlu Lin
17:10-17:30A Compact Construction for Non-monotonic Key-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption
Junqi Zhang and Haiying Gao
17:30-17:50A Scalable Cloud-based Android App Repackaging Detection Framework
Jinghua Li, Xiaoyan Liu and Dejun Mu
17:50-18:10Colorization based on neighborhood similarity pixels and active set algorithm
Jie Chen, Zongliang Gan, Xiuchang Zhu and Jin Wang
May 7, 2016
Keynote 4 (Chair: Xiaofeng Chen)
The Development of ADS in China: Perspectives
Qingguo Zhou, Lanzhou University, China
Session 4: Authentication, Recognition and Matching (Chair: Debiao He)
09:30-09:50User-Centric and Real-Time Activity Recognition Using Smart Glasses
Joshua Ch Ho and Chien-Min Wang
09:50-10:10An improved dynamic ID based remote user authentication scheme for multi-server environment
Qimin Sun, Jongho Moon, Younsung Choi and Dongho Won
10:10-10:30Towards Secure Private Image Matching
Zaid Ameen Abduljabbar, Hai Jin, Ayad Ibrahim, Zaid Alaa Hussien, Mohammed Abdulridha Hussain, Salah H, Abbdal and Deqing Zou
10:30-10:50 iGEMS: A cloud green energy management system application in data center
Chao-Tung Yang, Yin-Zhen Yan, Shuo- Tsung Chen, Ren-Hao Liu, Jean-Huei Ou, and Kun-Liang Chen
Coffee Break
Keynote 5: (Chair: Chao-Tung Yang)
Scheduling Methods on Parallel and Cloud Systems
Kenli Li, Hunan University, China
Invited Talks: (Chair: Aniello Castiglione)
The Products & Solutions for Deep Learning of AMAX
Leio Wang, AMAX China
Session 5: Attack and Protection (Chair: Hao Wang)
15:10-15:30Improved power analysis attack based on the preprocessed power traces
Xueyang Han, Qiuliang Xu, Fengbo Lin and Minghao Zhao
15:30-15:50Mining Frequent Attack Sequence in Web Logs
Jian Hua Sun, Hui Sun and Hao Chen
15:50-16:10Chameleon: Virtual Machine Migration Supporting Cascading Overload Management in Cloud
Ying Liu
Coffee Break
Invited tutorial: (Chair: Aniello Castiglione)
GPU for Data Science
David Yuan, NVIDIA
May 8, 2016
Session 6: Processing and Optimization (Chair: Qimin Sun)
08:30-08:50The macro-DSE for HPC Processing Unit: the Physical Constraints Perspective
Yuxing Tang, Lei Wang, Yu Deng, Xiaoqiang Ni and Qiang Dou
08:50-09:10Load-Balanced Overlay Recovery Scheme with Delay Minimization
Shengwen Tian, Hongyong Yang and Jingyu Wang
09:10-09:30Minimizing Condent Information Coverage Breach in Rechargeable Wireless Sensor Networks with Uneven Recharging Rates
Zehui Xiong and Bang Wang
09:30-09:50Improved Survey Propagation On Graphics Processing Units
Yang Zhao, Jingfei Jiang and Pengbo Wu
09:50-10:10ZooKeeper+: The Optimization of Election Algorithm in Complex Network Circumstance
Xinyan Zhang and Zhipeng Tan
Coffee Break
Session 7: New Algorithms for Parallel and Distributed Systems (Chair: Mohammed Abdulridha Hussain)
10:30-10:50An Efficient Dynamic Programming Algorithm for STR-IC-STR-EC-LCS Problem
Xiaodong Wang
10:50-11:10Towards Flow Scheduling algorithm for Dynamic VM Migration in Data Centers
Xingyan Zhang
11:10-11:30Practical Server-Aided k-out-of-n Oblivious Transfer Protocol
Xiaochao Wei, Chuan Zhao, Han Jiang, Qiuliang Xu and Hao Wang
11:30-11:50A Polynomial Time Algorithm for a Generalized Longest Common Subsequence Problem
Xiaodong Wang
11:50-12:10VKSE-DO: Verifiable Keyword Search over Encrypted Data for Dynamic Data-Owner
Yinbin Miao, Jianfeng Ma, Fushan Wei, Kai Zhang, Zhiquan Liu and Xu An Wang
Poster Papers:
Verifiable Outsourced Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption in Cloud Computing
Hao Wang, Debiao He, Zhe Liu, Minghao Zhao and Zhihua Zheng
Attribute-based Controllable Keyword Search Scheme Supporting Multiple Users
Jun Ye, Jianfeng Wang, Jiaolian Zhao, Kuan-Ching Li
Malicious URL detection with feature extraction based on Random Forest
Baojiang Cui and Shanshan He
Super-resolution Algorithm Based on Adaptive Dictionary Selection
Xin Li, Ziguan Cui, Xiuchang Zhu, Jin Wang and Jian Shen
Efficient Certificateless Anonymous Multi-Receiver Encryption Scheme for Mobile Devices
Hebiao He, Lina Wang, Libing Wu, Li Li
Distributed Data-Dependent Locality Sensitive Hashing
Yanping Ma, Cuifeng Li, Qiming Liu, Yi Tang, and Hongtao Xie

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