SCC '16- Proceedings of the 4th ACM International Workshop on Security in Cloud Computing

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SESSION: Keynote Address

Giano: Toward Large Scale Access Security Management in Private Cloud

SESSION: Paper Session 1: Infrastructure Support

SPLM: Security Protection of Live Virtual Machine Migration in Cloud Computing

Lightweight Examination of DLL Environments in Virtual Machines to Detect Malware

Enabling Assured Deletion in the Cloud Storage by Overwriting

Cloud Storage Integrity Checking: Going from Theory to Practice

SESSION: Paper Session 2: Data Processing

Fast, Private and Verifiable: Server-aided Approximate Similarity Computation over Large-Scale Datasets

A New Secure Index Supporting Efficient Index Updating and Similarity Search on Clouds

Another Compression Method for Homomorphic Ciphertexts

Dynamic Execution of Secure Queries over Homomorphic Encrypted Databases

SESSION: Paper Session 3: Applications

Towards Secure and Fast Mapping of Genomic Sequences on Public Clouds

Privacy Preserving Distributed Permutation Test

Decentralized Secure Data Sharing with Attribute-Based Encryption: A Resource Consumption Analysis

Community-Based Secure Information and Resource Sharing in Azure Cloud IaaS