CPSS '16- Proceedings of the 2nd ACM International Workshop on Cyber-Physical System Security

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SESSION: Keynote 1

Risk Assessment of Cyber Access to Physical Infrastructure in Cyber-Physical Systems

SESSION: Session 1: Threat Modelling and Vulnerability Analysis for CPS

A Risk Assessment Framework for Automotive Embedded Systems

Bypassing Parity Protected Cryptography using Laser Fault Injection in Cyber-Physical System

SESSION: Keynote 2

N-version Obfuscation

SESSION: Session 2: Intrusion Detection for CPS

Behaviour-Based Attack Detection and Classification in Cyber Physical Systems Using Machine Learning

Exploiting Bro for Intrusion Detection in a SCADA System

SESSION: Session 3: Availability and Privacy for CPS

A Simulation Study on Smart Grid Resilience under Software-Defined Networking Controller Failures

BES: Differentially Private and Distributed Event Aggregation in Advanced Metering Infrastructures

SESSION: Session 4: Embedded Systems Security

Binding Hardware and Software to Prevent Firmware Modification and Device Counterfeiting

Enhancing TPM Security by Integrating SRAM PUFs Technology